When looking for a new Fishfinder (echo soduner) there are 5 important things to take note:1. Transducer: Basically there are 2 types, single frequency dual frequency. Single should be used for lakes and shallow coastal fishing, dual is only needed for deep sea fishing.2. Resolution: Ok so the higher the resolution the better the image will be. Color screens are better especially in direct sunlight because you can see them better.3. Display Size: Displays range in size from four inches to seven inches and larger. The larger the screen, the more you have to pay for them.4. Power: As most things are, the more power the better but that also means a larger price tag. In lakes and shallow waters it is still important for better imaging.5. Depth: The ability of the sonar to reach greater depths is directly related to power and quality of the transducer. The more you pay and the better quality finder, the better they will penetrate the water.

Early Spring thru Spawning

  • Backwaters that warm early compared to main lake.
  • Tailwaters.
  • Mouths of tributaries
  • Flowing River and Streams feeding main lake.

Late Spring and Fall

  • Edges of shallow flats.
  • Sandy or small pebbled flats especially at mouths of creeks or other moving water.
  • Deep rip rap at inside bends of river channel
  • Mouths of creek arms at main lake
  • River channels
  • Main lake points especially in the wind.
  • Neck down lake narrows on windy days.
  • Deep drops in main lake wind blowing into the drop.
  • Submerged road beds.

Late Fall and Winter

  • Deep creek channels at bends and intersection.
  • Deep holes near river channels.
  • Deep main lake points
  • Steep deep water cliff banks


White Bass typically will start spawning when the water starts reaching the mid 50\'s to lower 60\'s. White Bass are most active when the water temperatures is between 63 degrees and 76 degrees. Above 80 degrees, the activity starts to decrease. In late fall when the water temp dips below 50 the activity falls off. 

man spring time is coimng soon and as soon as it warms up a bit go for it. i haven\'t had too much luck fishing in the cold but right when the weather turns a bit the crappie are going to be popping. fish for the crappie for a little while to calm down the feening for bass. when the bass start biting when the water temp rises leave the crappie alone and go for the ol bass that have been laying in waiting. the spring time temp gets the fish moving and they will be hungary because they dont eat that much during the winter. drag one up for me. good luck good fishing be safe and remember to share the experience
Lake Latitude Longitude Community Rating (Votes)
Lake Artemesia - MD 38.98641 -76.92365
4.6 (36)
Henry Hagg Lake - OR 45.4871 -123.22422
4.3 (38)
Skiatook Lake - OK 36.37521 -96.22227
4.3 (44)
Norris Lake - TN 36.36786 -83.80482
4.6 (20)
Big Hill Lake - KS 37.29957 -95.45526
4.6 (17)
Scarlet Lake - PA 41.35743 -76.0138
5 (10)
Lake Butler Chain - FL 28.87542 -81.17003
4.5 (17)
Lake Benson - NC 35.67083 -78.62999
5 (8)
Findlay Reservoir - OH 41.01839 -83.57046
4.5 (15)
Watts Bar Lake - TN 35.83888 -84.49966
4.5 (13)
Burney Lake - CA 41.56246 -123.292
4.8 (9)
- IA 41.51005 -93.40324
4.1 (44)
Hessian Lake - NY 41.31529 -73.99148
4.3 (20)
Lake Maumelle - AR 34.87907 -92.57462
4.5 (13)
Lake Fort Scott - KS 37.77777 -94.76059
4.5 (12)
Lake Yosemite - CA 37.37831 -120.43021
4.7 (9)
Paw Paw Lake - MI 42.00571 -85.27599
4.7 (9)
Lake Shafer - IN 40.80179 -86.77693
4.4 (14)
Lake Isabel - CO 37.98449 -105.05278
4.4 (13)
Duncan Lake - OK 34.51967 -97.82192
4.5 (10)
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Species State Weight Length Lake Angler
Bass White VA 6 lbs. 13 oz. Lake Orange Ron Sprouse
Bass White MI 6 lbs. 7 oz. 22 in. Saginaw Bay David W. Kraushaar
Bass White NC 5 lbs. 14 oz. Kerr Reservoir Jim King
Bass White KS 5 lbs. 11 oz. 20 in. Rvr. above John Redm Marvin W. Gary, Peculiar
Bass White TN 5 lbs. 10 oz. Mississippi River Bill Nelson
Bass White TX 5 lbs. 9 oz. 21 in. Colorado River David Cordill
Bass White MO 5 lbs. 6 oz. Table Rock Lake Scott Flood
Bass White MS 5 lbs. 6 oz. Grenada Reservoir William Mulvihill
Bass White AR 5 lbs. 6 oz. Mississippi River Bill Nelson. Memphis TN
Bass White CA 5 lbs. 5 oz. Ferguson Lake Mize
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