and I\'ll give you all the info you need to get a few. I know of two lakes up in that Vermillion area where I can guarantee a fish or a few daily. No 45 inhecrs, but to check it off the list there\'s no better place.Flies for smallmouths and walleyes are an added bonus...

Early Spring thru Spawning

  • Backwaters that warm early compared to main lake.
  • Tailwaters.
  • Mouths of tributaries
  • Flowing River and Streams feeding main lake.

Late Spring and Fall
  • Edges of shallow flats.
  • Sandy or small pebbled flats especially at mouths of creeks or other moving water.
  • Deep rip rap at inside bends of river channel
  • Mouths of creek arms at main lake
  • River channels
  • Edges of submerged timber.
  • Main lake points especially in the wind.
  • Neck down lake narrows on windy days.
  • Deep drops in main lake wind blowing into the drop.
  • Submerged road beds.

Late Fall and Winter
  • Deep creek channels at bends and intersection.
  • Deep holes near river channels.
  • Deep main lake points
  • Steep deep water cliff banks



Look for stripers in Elephant Butte and Caballo Lakes at depths between 20 to 50 feet, sometimes suspended over much deeper water. They may locate over old creek beds or channels, near sunken islands, along ridges with adjacent dropoffs, or near bridges. In fall, stripers move into shallow flats and chase schools of shad near the surface. Fall can be an exciting time for  striper fishing, compared with winter, when stripers tend to stay deep and roam less.

For best results, use a depth finder. As waters warm, try trolling with live-bait shad or bluegill. When using bait, always use a fresh specimen; replace lethargic bait frequently. Try still-fishing with live bait from an anchored boat or slowly adrift. Use 1 ~ to 4 ounces of lead in a bead-chain weight to keep the bait at the proper depth. When you locate stripers holding in deep water, try jigging or trolling with a downrigger.

Lake Latitude Longitude Community Rating (Votes)
Skiatook Lake - OK 36.3752080000000000000 -96.2222700000000000000
Clinton Lake - KS 38.9196890000000000000 -95.4052460000000000000
Otsego Lake - NY 42.7815890000000000000 -74.8865450000000000000
Hartwell Lake - SC 34.5489320000000000000 -83.0052450000000000000
Lewisville Lake - TX 33.1609020000000000000 -96.9835740000000000000
Parkers Lake - MN 44.9935130000000000000 -93.4716310000000000000
Lake Sidney Lanier - GA 34.3195540000000000000 -83.8674130000000000000
Lake Catherine - AR 34.4408120000000000000 -92.9201240000000000000
Hessian Lake - NY 41.3152930000000000000 -73.9914840000000000000
Loyalhanna Lake - PA 40.4393260000000000000 -79.4463830000000000000
Mayo Reservoir - NC 36.4949940000000000000 -78.8746400000000000000
Scarlet Lake - PA 41.3574310000000000000 -76.0137970000000000000
Lake Shaunee - OH 39.6500360000000000000 -83.7797320000000000000
Wynoochee Lake - WA 47.4098190000000000000 -123.5875550000000000000
Lake Hinkle - AR 34.8596320000000000000 -94.2765040000000000000
Chippewa Lake - OH 40.0093350000000000000 -84.6655510000000000000
Meander Reservoir - OH 41.1143370000000000000 -80.7947310000000000000
Lake Monroe - FL 28.8360040000000000000 -81.2649500000000000000
Lake Panorama - IA 41.7250740000000000000 -94.4135000000000000000
Lake Contrary - MO 39.7190180000000000000 -94.9182280000000000000
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Species State Weight Length Lake Angler
Bass Striped or 68 lbs. 0 oz. Umpqua River Beryl Bliss
Bass Striped ca 67 lbs. 8 oz. O'Neill Forebay Ferguson
Bass Striped tn 65 lbs. 6 oz. Cordell Hull Reservo Ralph H. Dallas
Bass Striped ne 64 lbs. 15 oz. 51 in. SUTHERLAND RESERVOIR GENE˙ BAKER
Bass Striped ar 64 lbs. 0 oz. Beaver tailwater Jeff Fletcher, Golden, M
Bass Striped ga 63 lbs. 0 oz. Oconee River˙ Kelly Ward
Bass Striped nv 60 lbs. 0 oz. 49 in. Lake Mohave˙ Allan Cole
Bass Striped sc 59 lbs. 8 oz. Lake Hartwell Terry McConnell
Bass Striped ky 58 lbs. 4 oz. Beaver Creek, Roger Foster,
Bass Striped al 55 lbs. 0 oz. Tallapoosa River Charles Totty, Tallassee
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