Top Alabama Fishing Lakes

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LakeLatitudeLongitudeCommunity Rating (Votes)
Smiths Pond31.570019-85.2031895 (6)
Bear Lake31.302876-87.9416615 (4)
Indian Valley Lake33.375461-86.7650835 (2)
Alligator Pond31.084671-86.5508965 (1)
Ann Jordan Lake32.932986-86.0505405 (1)
Arrington Lakes33.962683-85.4353255 (1)
Brushy Pond30.999897-85.4627965 (1)
Bugs Lake33.699831-87.6566125 (1)
Duck Pond32.305538-87.9172535 (1)
Heather Lake33.415355-86.7085785 (1)
Lake Hollolla32.980964-88.1909005 (1)
Lake Mirian32.595080-87.3698525 (1)
Locust Fork33.741870-86.9249755 (1)
Martin Pond31.592956-85.9656265 (1)
Monroe County Public Lake31.721028-87.2628495 (1)
Pinedale Lake33.840230-86.3157325 (1)
R E Woodruff Lake32.351060-86.7859895 (1)
Rutherford Lake33.364985-86.7696125 (1)
Sewage Disposal Pond32.813013-86.9917705 (1)
Spann Ponds31.234321-85.4749195 (1)
Springville Sportsmen Lake33.717762-86.4189925 (1)
Tensaw Lake31.043835-87.8902745 (1)
Tillis Pond31.558536-85.1965555 (1)
Torbert Lake32.372072-85.3659535 (1)
White Pond31.734473-85.3185055 (1)
Latest Alabama Fishing Reports
March 8th, 2014 - Point A Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 56
My husband and I went fishing at point a lake today and we did not even get one hit.
March 7th, 2014 - Lake Guntersville
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 5      Water Temperature: 52
Mar 5-6 2014 Lake Guntersville – This report is for the last two days…the fishing is getting better each day on Guntersville. We fished mid lake area water temperatures are still in the 51-53 degree range. Our best results came on a Tightline Football head jig (Guntersville Special and Green Tequila) with twin turbo tail trailers from Missile Baits followed by a single swim baits worked dead slow on the bottom in 6 to 21 FOW. We also caught fish on rattle baits such as XCalibur XR-50’s and crank baits such as the Rapala DT 10 and DT 16’s including today’s big fish which Jamie at Goose Pond Bait, Tackle and Grill weighed for us at 8.25 . More fish have moved to the regular staging areas of 6 to 19 FOW and in to some of the pockets as shallow as 2 foot. Capt Phillip Criss a guide who works with us had a trip out again yesterday as well with a another great client for us and they had a blast catching fish on crankbaits worked in 10-16 FOW as well. I have days and guides available; make your reservations now for some great late winter and spring action on Guntersville or Tim’s Ford with full time Professional USCG Licensed and Insured guides. We supply all fishing gear including Duckett Fishing Rods, LEW’s reels; Top quality lures such as Rapala Lures, Missile Baits, Tightline Jigs and Vicious Line. We offer a Military Discount and the dedication to making your trip successful. “Let’s go fish’ in” Capt. Jake Davis Mid-South Bass Guide Cell-615-613-2382
January 20th, 2014 - Lake Harding
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 46
I have fished several days on Lake Harding and havent even boated one fish. Very windy conditions the days on the lake. Tried carolina rigs, jigs,crank baits,shakey heads and rattle traps. tried deep points and docks without any success.
December 23rd, 2013 - Lake Catoma
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 0
Don\'t listen to the previous report calling lake catoma a \"dead lake.\" I live on catoma and it is an excellent fishing lake if you are looking to take home some fish to eat. You won\'t likely catch a monster bass etc..., but you will enjoy a good day fishing (given the conditions are favorable). It\'s a clean lake and the fish are safe to eat. Plenty of bream, crappie, catfish, striped bass (not the big hybrid monsters), and best of all the spots(spotted bass). The guy who posted the comment that it\'s a dead lake either doesn\'t know how to fish, or had one of those \"dead days\" where nothing seems to bite, and judged it by that. But take my word, it\'s a fantastic lake to fish.
October 4th, 2013 - Inland Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 0
caught two within three minutes of each cast using a 1oz white rooster tail.
September 16th, 2013 - Lake Guntersville
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 3      Water Temperature: 77
The first wave of slabs are retreating back into deeper water.went fishing late yesterday evening and early night 5:30pm - 8:30pm. Caught my limit , although I had to throw about 10 back due to size. Fishing Warington pump house and the bridge at Lake Guntersville. The second wave of slabs should be running within the next 3 weeks. Keep your line changed and good luck!
September 15th, 2013 - Lake Harding
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 83
there are no small mouth bass in the lake ! there are spotted bass , large mouth , stripes , hybirds, white bass , but no smalls .... if you ever catch one it isnt a small mouth just cuz he has a small mouth its more than likely a spotted bass
September 15th, 2013 - Lake Harding
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 3      Water Temperature: 83
my girlfriend caught her limit on cotton candy worm . one went 5 pounds 2 ounces . all caught in deep water carolina rigged near kudzoo island ... yea i didnt get but one on a buzz bait but missed several small ones .
August 9th, 2013 - Geneva County Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 0
Aug 8, 2013 drove 125 miles hoping to enjoy a day of fishing, only to find the lake closed. read the article in Alabama Game & Fish magazine.
July 9th, 2013 - Point A Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 4      Water Temperature: 0
Catching some nice bass 14-16 inch range..soft plastics
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