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LakeLatitudeLongitudeCommunity Rating (Votes)
Lake Logan35.414771-82.9281675 (2)
Alligator Lake35.647070-76.3411325 (1)
Azusa Grotto Lake00135.206694-80.6747405 (1)
Clinard Lake36.140987-80.3311745 (1)
Lake Benson35.670825-78.6299885 (1)
Lake Burlington Rese36.205240-79.4191435 (1)
Lake Cheoah35.457216-83.8861025 (1)
Lake Jeanette36.150321-79.8078765 (1)
Lake Twitty35.022786-80.5057445 (1)
Northeast Prong35.891217-75.8623595 (1)
Panther Lake35.567573-78.6960575 (1)
Shelley Lake35.860608-78.6605105 (1)
Auman Lake35.249287-79.5942954.8 (4)
Dodsons Lake35.879063-79.6315714.5 (2)
Tom-A-Lex Lake35.891281-80.1813054.5 (2)
Roanoke Rapids Lake36.476581-77.7182574.3 (4)
Lake Adger35.336951-82.2101514 (7)
Gum Swamp Lake34.912849-79.5637994 (2)
Aquone Lake35.178906-83.6677734 (1)
Crappie Lake35.053465-79.5691294 (1)
Horseshoe Lake34.820131-78.6525544 (1)
Mallard Lake36.000441-80.4023484 (1)
Lake Jocassee35.051165-82.9319543.8 (5)
Lake Mackintosh36.039901-79.5491263.8 (8)
Fontana Lake35.405024-83.6447993.6 (37)
Latest North Carolina Fishing Reports
April 6th, 2014 - Blewett Falls Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 59
4/6/14 water way down for past 2 weeks lots of stumps and no fish.
March 28th, 2014 - Lake Gaston
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 5      Water Temperature: 30
Big Blue Cats are tearing it up if those d--n bass fishers will quit riding through your fishing gear at full blast. I hope the next time one of you do that your motor gets locked up with my noodles. I think their mad because they fish all day and catch nothing but a sore arm while we are stocking the freezer with yummy blue cats-best eating fish ever. We fished 3/27/14 for 4 hours and caught several 30-40 pounders.
March 24th, 2014 - Mayo Reservoir
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 0
There are no small mouth in that lake
March 12th, 2014 - Lake James
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 47
Went fishing for walleye on March 11, 2014 at 8am and the water temp was at 47 in the main channel and 52 at 3pm. Got a few smallmouth bass but no walleye.
March 1st, 2014 - Hyco Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 0
I went to hyco lake because my papa lives on the lake. Me and my brother went fishing and I caught a 7 pound bass
November 17th, 2013 - Hyco Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 5      Water Temperature: 0
This summer, I put all of my rods out with hotdog slices and a sinker at dinner time. I caught five cats around 6 o\'clock. That is the time for catfishing.
October 20th, 2013 - Lake Jeanette
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 0
There are no stripped bass in Lake Jeanette.
October 7th, 2013 - Hyco Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 5      Water Temperature: 0
Hyco is a great bass producing lake if you just learn to fish it right. That\'s all there is to it. Check out the Piedmont Bass Classics~CBS Quality Cars Hyco Lake Open results from March 9th, 2013. There\'s nothing wrong with this lake. Keep practicing and you will catch them!
September 12th, 2013 - Hyco Lake
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 4      Water Temperature: 0
I haven\'t fished this month, but all these comments about no big bass left in the lake are completely off. Either you\'re fishing in the wrong areas, or you\'re not fishing the right baits. There was days this summer where in an hour we boated 40+ schooling fish. Over this summer alone, my fishing partners and i caught 4 fish in the 8+ lb range with all fish over 24 inches long, with the biggest being 25.5. We also caught around 10 fish in the 5+ lb range. We caught them in all parts of the lake also. I will say with the water being so clear in the north end of the lake you must use fluorocarbon with long casts, in the south end braided line and pitching is fine because the water is much darker. Our biggest fish were also caught on spooks, square bills, deep cranks, and shakey head worms, with the other nice bass being caught on every bait I have in my tackle box. So obviously people aren\'t fishing correctly or don\'t understand how to pattern the bass on this lake. I\'m obviously not going to say exactly where I caught most of the fish but they\'re definitely there. Someone also made a comment about the lack of crappie, but I caught limits of crappie under our dock every day this spring. If you guys think the lake sucks and don\'t want to fish it fine, means less boats for us to contend with, but I honestly find it hard to believe you guys can\'t catch keeper fish.
August 18th, 2013 - Lake Rim
Report By:
Fishing Rating: 1      Water Temperature: 78
Not so much a bass report but more so a chain pickerel report. I fished 2 days for bass with no luck. I did catch several chain pickerel. I used weightless senkos and top water poppers. Very exciting top water action working the outside edge of the mats. I caught a 2 pounder that came out of the water about 2 feet like a missile on the initial strike. Another one ate my senko and dove straight down until my 12 pound test line snapped.... Good luck folks!!! Catch one for me...
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