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Lake Latitude Longitude Community Rating (Votes)
Abbott Lake 33.68331 -84.07626
5 (1)
Alexanders Lake 33.63371 -84.14962
5 (3)
Berkley Lake 33.9834 -84.18292
5 (1)
Echo Lake 33.85035 -84.28622
5 (1)
Fullers Lake 31.96055 -83.28885
5 (1)
Joy Lake 33.61362 -84.31768
5 (1)
Lake Windsor 33.9148 -84.24977
5 (1)
Lawson Lake 34.62806 -83.42868
5 (1)
Looper Lake 34.14484 -83.89981
5 (1)
Sheffer Lake 33.98875 -84.47943
5 (1)
Weiss Reservoir 34.19954 -85.41569
5 (1)
Tugaloo Lake 34.73431 -83.35003
5 (1)
Lake Tamarack 34.49321 -84.36805
5 (1)
Christmas Lake 31.01358 -82.19029
5 (1)
Haig Mill Lake 34.82361 -84.98346
5 (1)
Cowart Lake 33.67071 -84.53478
4.8 (4)
Conasauga Lake 34.85978 -84.65118
4.7 (3)
Lake Romona 33.84398 -84.78608
4.7 (3)
Selman Lakes 34.36662 -85.2997
4.7 (3)
Avondale Lake 33.76686 -84.26422
4.5 (4)
Bear Garden Swamp 30.65915 -83.27801
4.5 (2)
Buckhorn Lake 32.84161 -83.03846
4.5 (2)
Chapman Lake 31.67452 -81.7324
4.5 (2)
Chatuge Lake 34.95323 -83.76287
4.5 (2)
Daffin Park Lake 32.04671 -81.08318
4.5 (2)
January 14th, 2018 - West Point Lake
Report By : CatchTracker User Fishing Rating : 5 Water Temperature : 64
App said the water tempature is 64 however i was there today ane it was 43. Good bit of differance. App not reliable.
September 12th, 2016 - Lake Moore
Report By : CatchTracker User Fishing Rating : 0 Water Temperature : 57
September 19th, 2015 - Lake Kedron
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 79
Bass very slow and small. Safe light til 2 only took 3lb 11oz.
April 7th, 2015 - High Falls Lake
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 60
crappie is slow, not really good today, water temp.. i don\'t know. minnows are scarce around the bait house.
April 2nd, 2015 - Chatuge Lake
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 3 Water Temperature : 53
Last weeks cold front hurt the fishing started getting better fished fri- wens catching limits daily with a few 3-4 lb fish ( slow ) and 18-20 ft on finesse worms and dropshot some on windy banks crankbaits
April 6th, 2014 - Lake Sidney Lanier
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 0
Striper fishing is good and should be improving as the warming water temperatures gets the fish up and moving. The boys will be looking for girl friends and the girls will be looking to pack on the weight. Shallow water flats, long soaping points, and reef markers in the creeks will all become Gizzard and Threadfin Shad magnets and the fish will roam these areas looking for a big meal. Free lines with Herring, Trout and Gizzard Shad pulled on boards will be the primary technique. Pull you \"bank side\" board within a foot or two of the bank where possible . Vary your trolling speed from .75 mph to 1.5 mph which is a little faster than you have been pulling cold water. Do not hesitate to move out to deeper water as the sun get high in the sky. Stripers will stage off deep water points and chill out after feeding. Spring is a great time to fish especially after the winter we have had this year! Don\'t forget to take a DAD fishing. The lake is clear with the back of the creeks stained and the water temperatures are ranging from high 57 to 62\'.
October 3rd, 2013 - Constitution Lake
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 0
bad place to visit to many people drinking and doing drugs. called police and watched them haul them to jail. ha ha
August 4th, 2013 - Coursey Lake
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 0
Sun. Aug. 4th. Fishing for crappie, bream, channel catfish was excellent . I caught 25lbs. Channel cats. 14 crappie - bream. Lake area kept very attractive. Garrett property manager courteous and attentative. I\'ve fished many pay for Lakes in Ga. But this lake is heads up and second to none. Great place to fish, meet family, friends and other . Property kept very well. I recommend highly. Nick Van Exel Sr
May 30th, 2013 - Lanier Lake
Report By : gettinluckyfishing Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 75
Striper fishing on Lake Lanier is picking up from previous weeks. The water is starting to stabilize after these heavy rains. We have been doing well on Flat-lines throughout the day, catching a nice variety of Stipers and Spotted Bass. Fishing has been consistent the entire day. Mornings and afternoons have been producing. There is also a good top-water bite. Lures that are working for us are magic swimmers, sammies and mc sticks. Look for the fish surfacing in the middle of the channel or around points. Stripers have been difficult to mark. They are actively moving. Find the bait and find the fish. In the next couple of weeks the typical summer time pattern will be upon us. Fish will be moving out of the creeks and deeper. Some of the best fishing on Lanier will happen in the next couple of months. Morning and afternoon trips are available. We have a couple of open dates left in June. Call me at 678-634-3408 for rates and availability. Get hooked up! These fish were caught on a half-day 5/29/13. See you on the water
April 7th, 2013 - Bear Garden Swamp
Report By : Guest Fishing Rating : 1 Water Temperature : 0
This is private property. You cannot go fishing here. My husband and I drove to Bear Garden Swamp only to find a locked gate with a bunch of signs.
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