Lake Sidney Lanier

Current Temperature:

Est Water Temperature:
64° (What's This)

Barometric Pressure:
29.86 (Normal)

Wind Speed:
West at 05 Knots (6 MPH)

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Lake Sidney Lanier
National Pro Reports

Skiatook Lake, OK
I had 4 great clients in the boat today from Oklahoma City. It was a beautiful morning to be at the lake and as it turned out the fish were going to be willing today as well. We got on the Hybrids ear... [more]

-Steve Carroll

Saratoga Lake, NY
Its been a long winter but the ice have finally come off of the lake. So I hooked up the boat and headed to the lake today got there around 10am and headed to the west side of the lake. The wind was b... [more]

-John Ernst

Old Hickory Lake, TN
This report is for 04/08/2014-04/18/2014. Sorry for the delay I have been extremely busy on the water and haven%u2019t had a chance to sit down and write.
The numbers of boats on the water have ... [more]

-Ian Huey

Lake Minnetonka, MN
We are getting close to fishing lake minnetonka with open water. We are now past lake minnetonkas average ice out, with most channels open and the remaining ice being honey comb throughout. With a f... [more]

-Dan Jasper

Lake Guntersville, AL
13 April 2014 Lake Guntersville %u2013 Really nice family joined me yesterday on Guntersville and after a slow first hour or so the guy%u2019s started putting them in the boat. Everyone caught fish ... [more]

-Jake (Mid South Bass Guide)

Georgia Reports

Lake Sidney Lanier General Information
Welcome to Lake Sidney Lanier fishing report page. Here you will find all the information you need to make the best decisions for today's fishing. Current weather including air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are continuously updated throughout the day. Vital fishing information for Lake Sidney Lanier, including mean water temperature and moon phase. Help in choosing what time to hit the water with daily sunrise and sunset times plus moon rise and moon set times. We would love to hear how your fishing trip went, feel free to share your days success on the community report page. Good luck and we hope you catch a full bag today!

Lake Lanier is nestled in the foothills of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains lies Lake Lanier, one of America’s favorite lakes. Over 7.5 million people a year choose to visit Lake Lanier. With over 692 miles of shoreline, the lake is well known for its aqua-blue colored water, spectacular scenery and variety of recreational activities. Constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950’s, Lake Lanier is a multi-purpose lake that provides for flood protection, power production, water supply, navigation, recreation and fish and wildlife management. [Lake Lanier., 01/26/2008]


Inpoundment Type:

Surface Area (acres):

Lake Management:
Army Corps



Water Clarity:
10+ ft

Water Temp Factors:

Maximum Depth (ft):

Normal Elevation (ft):

Boat Access:
Paved Ramps

Boat Limits:
No Restrictions

Lake Sidney Lanier Pro Fishing Reports
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Lake Sidney Lanier Community Fishing Reports
Species: Striped Bass
Fishing Rating: 1
Water Temperature:
Striper fishing is good and should be improving as the warming water temperatures gets the fish up and moving. The boys will be looking for girl friends and the girls will be looking to pack on the weight. Shallow water flats, long soaping points, and reef markers in the creeks will all become Gizzard and Threadfin Shad magnets and the fish will roam these areas looking for a big meal. Free lines with Herring, Trout and Gizzard Shad pulled on boards will be the primary technique. Pull you \"bank side\" board within a foot or two of the bank where possible . Vary your trolling speed from .75 mph to 1.5 mph which is a little faster than you have been pulling cold water. Do not hesitate to move out to deeper water as the sun get high in the sky. Stripers will stage off deep water points and chill out after feeding. Spring is a great time to fish especially after the winter we have had this year! Don\'t forget to take a DAD fishing. The lake is clear with the back of the creeks stained and the water temperatures are ranging from high 57 to 62\'.
Lake Sidney Lanier Largemouth Bass Fishing

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Lake Sidney Lanier Largemouth Bass Rating:
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Lake Sidney Lanier Largemouth Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- They are hard to find!!

Largemouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Largemouth bass fishing is in full spawn now the water temperature has climbed up to 64 degrees. The large female bass will be on the beds and holding tight. Spawning bass won't be feeding aggressively at this water temperature but they will be catchable. In addition, all bass don't spawn at the exact same time or water temperature. If you aren't a site fisherman, you should be able to find some larger females and male largemouth on the standard spring patterns. Female bass will really start to slow down on feeding so fishing is going to be slower for a few weeks until they move into active patterns again.
Lake Sidney Lanier Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Lake Sidney Lanier Smallmouth Bass Rating:
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Smallmouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Lake Sidney Lanier Crappie Fishing

[ Crappie Info ]
Lake Sidney Lanier Crappie Rating:
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Lake Sidney Lanier Crappie Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- fishing around any bridge at dusk or night
Crappie Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The crappie spawn should be really heating up now. Crappie prefers to spawn on gravel bottom typically with brush and/or emergent vegetation for cover. If the lake is void of gravel bottoms, find the rocks or rip rap. Crappie will use the larger structure rocks for cover. Cast some small grub baits in the shallows looking for the spawning crappie. Good luck today!
Lake Sidney Lanier Catfish Fishing

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Lake Sidney Lanier Catfish Rating:
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Lake Sidney Lanier Catfish Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- Small catfish can be caught through out the lake. Bigger fish can be caught on the tributaries that feed into the lake. Use dead shad for best results. Find a deep bend in the river and hang on.
Catfish Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The water temperature is climbing and the catfish will start becoming more active now. The catfish spawn is right around the corner and generally all catfish species will be looking to spawn. Blue catfish, flathead and channel catfish spawn in much the same areas. Mostly spawning in deep tree lay downs that have lots of shade, holes in the bank, sunken barrels and tires. With baitfish becoming active, it?s time to catch some small sunfish, bluegill, shad and frogs and getting the line in the water.
Lake Sidney Lanier Spotted Bass Fishing

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Lake Sidney Lanier Spotted Bass Rating:
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Lake Sidney Lanier Spotted Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- Caught spotted bass using plastic worms fished slow and on chrome/blue lipless crankbaits fished slow to medium retrieve. Also got bites on shakey head plastic worms too.
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Spotted Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
In the 64 degrees range, spotted bass are generally their most active at this water temperature. Baitfish are much more active in this water temperature and the spotted bass will be feeding aggressively throughout the day.
Lake Sidney Lanier White Bass Fishing

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White Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Lake Sidney Lanier Striped Bass Fishing

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Striped Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):

Lake Sidney Lanier Solar and Lunar Conditions
Current Lunar Fishing Tip:

06:56 EST

Moon Phase:

% Illuminated
Days to Full

20:10 EST

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