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Welcome to Arcadia Lake fishing report page. Here you will find all the information you need to make the best decisions for today's fishing. Current weather including air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are continuously updated throughout the day. Arcadia Lake water temperature is one of the vital statistics included on this page. We also include the moon phase as full and new moons are generally better fishing times. Help in choosing what time to hit the water with daily sunrise and sunset times plus moon rise and moon set times. We would love to hear how your fishing trip went, feel free to share your days success on the community report page. Good luck and we hope you catch a full bag today!
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Municipal Park
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Species: Catfish
Fishing Rating: 1
Water Temperature:
No bites Sunday (4/7/14) between 11 am and 2 pm.
Species: General
Fishing Rating: 2
Water Temperature: 85
Sand Bass have been schooling in coves late in the evenings. Try a jig or small minnow
Arcadia Lake Largemouth Bass Rating:
Arcadia Lake Largemouth Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- caught 2 bass on a chartuse and white spinnerbait and a yellow and black crankbait by timber

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Largemouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
With Arcadia Lake at 43 degree water temperature this is a great time to get out on the water and try hitting some deeper primary and secondary points. Largemouth bass will be feeding at this water temperature but will be much harder to catch. On Sunny warm afternoons its a great time to throw a crank bait, jigs or slow roll a spinnerbait at 5-10 foot on sunny points and drops off of sunny flats. Largemouth Bass will move into warm water on warm sunny days.
Arcadia Lake Smallmouth Bass Rating:
Arcadia Lake Smallmouth Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Smallmouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Smallmouth bass fishing is going to be slow with the water temperature at 43 degrees. It's time to fish deep and slow. Try some deep primary points, drop offs, and old river channels with rocks. Jigs, plastics and deep jerk baits will be your best bet to boat a smallmouth.
Arcadia Lake Crappie Rating:
Arcadia Lake Crappie Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Crappie Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Crappie will just be starting their migrating runs from deep river channels toward major tributaries. They will suspend in open water and channels in deep water and cover on the break lines. Crappie will stage off primary and secondary points this time of year while they are getting ready for spawn. Make sure you don?t forget the river channels, especially with structure and sharp breaks in deep water. Some crappy will hang back in this area waiting to come up to the staging areas. Drifting and slow (REALLY SLOW) trolling with jigs and other artificials work great this time of year. Always look for baitfish schools and concentrate more time when you see the bait.
Arcadia Lake Walleye Rating:
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Walleye Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Arcadia Lake Catfish Rating:
Arcadia Lake Catfish Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Catfish Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The catfish family comprises of blue catfish, flathead catfish and channel catfish. Since catfish are warm water fish, they arenít going to be very active in this water temperature. They will still be feeding, but catfish will only be found very deep and feeding very slowly. Your best bet is give some of the more active fish species in your lake a shot until the cats are active again.
Arcadia Lake Spotted Bass Rating:
Arcadia Lake Spotted Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Spotted Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Spotted bass fishing is going to be slow with the water temperature down this low. It's time to fish deep and slow. Try some deep primary points, drop offs, and old river channels with rocks. Jigs, plastics and deep jerk baits will be your best bet to boat a Spotted.
Arcadia Lake White Bass Rating:
Arcadia Lake White Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- the sand bass is a great fis for you kids its ez to cach with chicken liver and a 1oz sinker id recomend fishing on the botem thast just what iv got n 68 sand bass on in 1h.ware to fish. i go to the pont by the open dock and to the right of that not on that big clif but farhter down and go to that beach and then look at the dock on the other side of the lake then cast to the left bowt 30feet if ya can and then you just reel in the fish this is aloso a GREAT place to cach bait for catfishing theres always shad there in close to the shore oh ya btw NEEEEVVVVVEEEERRR use light line there is a chanc you can hook up with a 12lb striped bass i use 25lb braid with a 15lb mono leader just enything obove 14lb line for the most fish and dont go above 20lb thats when you start not caching fish and the best part is if your not caching em sandys yo can fish for catfish! just go to the flift and cast waaaaaay out there iv gotn 46lb blues out there! you cach em all night long with som cut shad or rell small live blue gill i use 3 or 4 oz and will cac em reeeeel good and my other best bait is mudbugs or if you from up north crayfish or if your from OK crawfish im from the deep deep south but and its much beter fishing here in freshwater and you can get a trap a minnow trap works good just go to your local bait shop and pick one up there real cheep and eny kind of liver in it NOT HUMAN! and let is sit in a creek or pond nere you and then just hook em in the tale scall make sure you dont hook the meat of the mudbug or crawfish same thing. now onto how to cach ALOT of crappie! go to you local and yes pet store and get som gupys and put em in ur live well tip get a live well that can go in the lake they will live longer and hook then in the tale so they will last longer and youl see the bite befor yo feel it if you even feel it just wach the line and wait 5seconds befor seting the hook crappie will wegh as much as 3lbs at lake arcadia or they can be so small they cant eat the goldfish! if you fishing in the coverd dock its abowt 15feet deep and the fish moor often then not are at 10 feet deep tite lies eeryone!

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White Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Arcadia Lake Striped Bass Rating:
Arcadia Lake Striped Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Striped Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):

Current Lunar Fishing Tip:

The crescent moon will have better gravitational pull than a gibbous or half moon. However the affects of the moons gravitational will be decreased since the sun and moon aren't pulling in conjunction with one another. It's time to pay close attention to the other fishing factors in the weather to make the best decision for hitting the water.


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