Budd Lake

Current Temperature:

Est Water Temperature:
52° (What's This)

Barometric Pressure:
29.95 (Rising)

Wind Speed:
South-West at 05 Knots (6 MPH)

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Budd Lake
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Budd Lake General Information
Welcome to FishingNotes.com Budd Lake fishing report page. Here you will find all the information you need to make the best decisions for today's fishing. Current weather including air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are continuously updated throughout the day. Budd Lake water temperature is one of the vital statistics included on this page. We also include the moon phase as full and new moons are generally better fishing times. Help in choosing what time to hit the water with daily sunrise and sunset times plus moon rise and moon set times. We would love to hear how your fishing trip went, feel free to share your days success on the community report page. Good luck and we hope you catch a full bag today!


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Surface Area (acres):

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Water Clarity:

Water Temp Factors:

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Budd Lake Pro Fishing Reports
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Budd Lake Community Fishing Reports

No Reports are available for Budd Lake at this time.

Budd Lake Largemouth Bass Fishing

[ Largemouth Bass Info ]
Budd Lake Largemouth Bass Rating:
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Budd Lake Largemouth Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Largemouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Largemouth bass fishing is going to be slow with the water temperature at 52 degrees. If you have a chance to get out on the water, you are going to have to fish deep and slow. Jig fishing and Plastic baits may be your best bet this time of year for largemouth bass. You may also try fishing some sinking jerk baits.
Budd Lake Smallmouth Bass Fishing

[ Smallmouth Bass Info ]
Budd Lake Smallmouth Bass Rating:
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Smallmouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
With the water temperature at 52 degrees smallmouth bass fishing is ready to heat up for spring. The bass will be starting to move into their spawning area. Smallmouth bass will generally spawn on rock and gravel bottoms that are protected from the elements. It's time to get fishing and look for staging bass in deeper water.
Budd Lake Crappie Fishing

[ Crappie Info ]
Budd Lake Crappie Rating:
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Budd Lake Crappie Tips: [ Add Tip ]
Crappie Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Crappie should be getting ready to spawn. Stay out in deeper water and look for schools. Schooling shad will be harder to find with this water temperature so when you find it, stay on it. Crappie schools will be breaking up quite a bit getting ready for the spawn. Also try fishing shallower with small crank baits and spinners on the warm banks with direct sunlight. This is a great time to be on the water.
Budd Lake Walleye Fishing

[ Walleye Info ]
Budd Lake Walleye Rating:
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Walleye Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The walleye spawn is in full swing now. With Walleye spawning grounds generally on gravel and rocky bottoms and preferring clean water. Try throwing reaction type baits up in the shallows. Rip-Rap, damns, rocky bottom points are perfect to hit. Try fishing some faster crank baits and spinners this time of year. As always fall back to the standard walleye fishing tactics, but it won?t hurt bringing out the bass gear in search for spawning walleyes. In this water temperature, always be safe on the water.
Budd Lake Catfish Fishing

[ Catfish Info ]
Budd Lake Catfish Rating:
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Catfish Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The catfish family comprises of blue catfish, flathead catfish and channel catfish. Since catfish are warm water fish, they arenít going to be very active in this water temperature. They will still be feeding, but catfish will only be found very deep and feeding very slowly. Your best bet is give some of the more active fish species in your lake a shot until the cats are active again.
Budd Lake Spotted Bass Fishing

[ Spotted Bass Info ]
Budd Lake Spotted Bass Rating:
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Spotted Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
With Budd Lake at 52 degree water temperature this is a great time to get out on the water and try hitting some deeper primary and secondary points. Spotted bass will be feeding at this water temperature but will be much harder to catch. On Sunny warm afternoons its a great time to throw a crank bait, jigs or slow roll a spinnerbait at 5-10 foot on sunny points and drops off of sunny flats. Spottted Bass will move into warm water on warm sunny days.
Budd Lake White Bass Fishing

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White Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Budd Lake Striped Bass Fishing

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Striped Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Budd Lake Trout Fishing

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Trout Tips for Current Conditions (automated):

Budd Lake Solar and Lunar Conditions
Current Lunar Fishing Tip:
The affects of the moon on freshwater fish and game are at a minimum right now. There will be another full moon coming up here in a few days. The fisherman should never use this as an excuse to not get on the water. The affects of the moon can only enhance the outcome of a day's fishing not decrease potential catch for today. On days without the new or full moon, all other factors including weather, barometric pressure, wind and cloud cover will make up today's equation for success.
06:06 EST

Moon Phase:

% Illuminated
Days to Full

21:06 EST

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