Pueblo Reservoir

Current Temperature:

Est Water Temperature:
56° (What's This)

Barometric Pressure:
29.79 (Normal)

Wind Speed:
South at 05 Knots (6 MPH)

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Pueblo Reservoir General Information
Welcome to FishingNotes.com Pueblo Reservoir fishing report page. Here you will find all the information you need to make the best decisions for today's fishing. Current weather including air temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction are continuously updated throughout the day. Pueblo Reservoir water temperature is one of the vital statistics included on this page. We also include the moon phase as full and new moons are generally better fishing times. Help in choosing what time to hit the water with daily sunrise and sunset times plus moon rise and moon set times. We would love to hear how your fishing trip went, feel free to share your days success on the community report page. Good luck and we hope you catch a full bag today!


Inpoundment Type:

Surface Area (acres):

Lake Management:
State Park



Water Clarity:
1-3 ft

Water Temp Factors:

Maximum Depth (ft):

Normal Elevation (ft):

Boat Access:
Paved Ramps

Boat Limits:
No Restrictions

Pueblo Reservoir Pro Fishing Reports
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Pueblo Reservoir Community Fishing Reports
Species: General
Fishing Rating: 4
Water Temperature: 51
Caught a common carp in a shallow water cove on the north side of the lake. I had never caught one of these and I am glad I went to braided fishing line this year. My usual 8lb test fluorocarbon line could never have dragged this fat fish in. As it was, I had to put on a glove and wrap the line around my hand in order to get the dang thing out of the water. It took about five minutes to just get it to the rocky ledge where I stood. I didn\'t know what it was after I caught it and I only could get one lousy picture with my dumb cell phone. But it had a catfish type face with only one short \"whisker\" on each side as well as one long dorsal fin. It was very fat and had a mouth more like a sucker fish than a bass. Plus, I have never caught a bass that was this heavy. Since the fish was really fatigued and was bleeding from a cut from one of the treble hooks on my Rapala HuskyJerk#12 lure, and since I had nothing to carry him back to the truck in, I released him back to the water. I didn\'t measure or weigh him but my guess was at least two feet long and about 10 pounds. There still aren\'t any fish popping out there but there are a lot of them moving around near the point bars. Walleye are the most active, but I expect the smallmouth bass to pick up within the next week. Although there are lots of places to bank fish with the water level so high ( 4881.5\' elev ), you need a boat to do this lake some real justice.
Species: General
Fishing Rating: 3
Water Temperature: 45
Walleye are definitely moving around in pre-spawn activities. I caught a 15\" Walleye just off of a rocky point in a depth of only about 5 feet. It was just as the sun hit the horizon. The fish attacked a large jerkbait that I was basically using to do some long casting before putting away the gear. I feel the smallies will be more active in another week or so.
Species: General
Fishing Rating: 4
Water Temperature: 70
the best thing for wallye is white on the bottom the best things for bass long crankbaits at day shorter in the ev. and morn. catfish chicken guts trout powerbate and a sinker (no bober)
Pueblo Reservoir Largemouth Bass Fishing

[ Largemouth Bass Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Largemouth Bass Rating:
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Largemouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
With Pueblo Reservoir at 56 degree water temperature this is a great time to get out on the water and try hitting some deeper primary and secondary points. Largemouth bass will be feeding at this water temperature but will be much harder to catch. On Sunny warm afternoons its a great time to throw a crank bait, jigs or slow roll a spinnerbait at 5-10 foot on sunny points and drops off of sunny flats. Largemouth Bass will move into warm water on warm sunny days.
Pueblo Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Fishing

[ Smallmouth Bass Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Smallmouth Bass Rating:
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Smallmouth Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Pueblo Reservoir Crappie Fishing

[ Crappie Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Crappie Rating:
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Crappie Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The crappie fishing should be getting good to great now. Crappie function excellent in 56 degree water. Crappie will be nicely bunched up still and moving more aggresively than when the water temperature is in the 35 to 50 degree range. With baitfish getting more active, the crappie fishing will be good. Good luck today!
Pueblo Reservoir Walleye Fishing

[ Walleye Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Walleye Rating:
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Walleye Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Pueblo Reservoir Catfish Fishing

[ Catfish Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Catfish Rating:
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Catfish Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
The catfish family comprises of blue catfish, flathead catfish and channel catfish. Since catfish are warm water fish, they arenít going to be very active in this water temperature. They will still be feeding, but catfish will only be found very deep and feeding very slowly. Your best bet is give some of the more active fish species in your lake a shot until the cats are active again.
Pueblo Reservoir Spotted Bass Fishing

[ Spotted Bass Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Spotted Bass Rating:
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Spotted Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Pueblo Reservoir White Bass Fishing

[ White Bass Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir White Bass Rating:
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Pueblo Reservoir White Bass Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- White Bass Fishing is Going to be slow this time of year. Chances of catching
White Bass this time of year are slim. Best chance of catching a White Bass this
time of year is to fish off rocky points and creek channels. White Bass will bite
on slow moving shad.
White Bass Tips for Current Conditions (automated):
Pueblo Reservoir Trout Fishing

[ Trout Info ]
Pueblo Reservoir Trout Rating:
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Pueblo Reservoir Trout Tips: [ Add Tip ]
- baitcasters work real well. more in the copper colors. they tend to bite more early and late. best chance to catch rainbows is when it is raining
Trout Tips for Current Conditions (automated):

Pueblo Reservoir Solar and Lunar Conditions
Current Lunar Fishing Tip:
The full moon is right around the corner. The gravitational pull is starting to increase with the moon and sun being on opposite sides of the planet. Watch the peak fishing times and make sure you are on the water during that part of the day to take full advantage of today's solar/lunar peaks. It's always fun trying something new at the peak times to change things up a bit and test out the Lunar Theory each time you hit the water in close to full and full moon situations. Good luck you there.
07:53 MST

Moon Phase:

% Illuminated
Days to Full

17:37 MST

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