Normally minnows do not fall off the hook unless the cast is abruptly stopped. This will cause the hook to tear through the skin and the minnow to go flying.You can fish the minnow under a bobber or float and this will indicate the bite you\'ve been waiting to get. As stated, you can hook the minnow through the lips or through the back behind the dorsal fin with both methods working well for the fish you are after. Just don\'t use to large of a hook size so the minnow can swim. Leave the minnow out for 10 to 15 minutes. If you do not get any bites reel, in cast somewhere else. Try casting near some form of cover that fish like to hang around, use cover and feeding. Tight lines for better hook setting! Flounder Bytes Pro Staff

Early Spring

  • Main lake coves
  • Break lines near spawning locations.
  • Brush piles, fish attractor sites.
  • Creek arms (secondary, non flowing)
  • Mud bottom coves.

Spring (Spawn)

  • Brushy coves (back end of cove or tributary)
  • Marinas.
  • Sheltered shorelines with firm bottom.
  • Sheltered shorelines with submerged vegetation.

Summer and Early Fall

  • Main river channel bends and intersection.
  • Edges of main river channel.
  • Wooded main points, steep banks.
  • Deep rock piles.
  • Deep submerged road beds or old foundations.

Late Fall and Winter

  • Main river channel bends (the deeper the better)
    • Many Crappie fisherman swear the best fishing is when the water is 40 and below. That temp really concentrates the bait fish, and large schools of crappie are easy to locate on the graph).
    • Typically cold water crappie fishing is going to be best in the old river channel at the deepest locations.
  • Deep main lake coves.
Key Water Temperatures

Crappie typically will start to move to spawning around 58deg and spawn is in full swing when the water temperature start to reach the upper 50's. After the spawn, crappie are generally the most active when the water temperature is between 69deg and 76deg. Above 80deg, the activety starts to decrease. In late fall when the water temp dips below 55 the activety falls off again, and below 50deg they feed very little. However, in the dead of winter when the water temps get down to 40 and below, the crappie can actually become easier to catch than any other time. This temp really packs the baitfish together in the deepest points and deep bends in old rivers channels. When this happens, you can go out and realy on your electronics to tell you where they are. Don't waste time fishing until you find the largest bait fish school in the lake, then get down to 20-30 feet with light line and swimmer shad or your favorite jigs.

many good techniques are used to catch slabs.. one good and always used technique is a minnow rig, drop a minnow by a tree or heavy brush and hold on.. the fish hang in close to these trees and brush piles for shelter and looking for passing food.. also a good technique used is dropping or casting tubes under and between trees and brush.. trolling for slabs is a well known technique, using several poles trolling will rack up the count number of slabs in your livewell, using jigs or roadrunners troll about 10 foot deep close but not in the brush..

Lake Latitude Longitude Community Rating (Votes)
Lake Twitty - NC 35.02279 -80.50574
4.7 (22)
Hoover Reservoir - OH 40.17258 -82.87539
4.1 (97)
Henry Hagg Lake - OR 45.4871 -123.22422
4.2 (70)
Hyland Lake - MN 44.82211 -93.36928
4.6 (21)
Hessian Lake - NY 41.31529 -73.99148
4.3 (38)
Delaware Reservoir - OH 40.43909 -82.98044
4.3 (33)
Jackson Mills Lake - NJ 40.15021 -74.32589
4.5 (20)
Lake Elsinore - CA 33.64944 -117.31926
4.2 (39)
Lake Spivey - GA 33.51766 -84.29922
4.3 (24)
Lake Eucha - OK 36.33503 -94.84717
4.4 (16)
Soldiers Meadow Rese - ID 46.15931 -116.73554
4.6 (11)
John H Kerr Reservoir - VA 36.54661 -78.48373
4.8 (9)
Hugo Lake - OK 34.06399 -95.42269
4.1 (61)
Longmire Lake - OK 34.75556 -97.03716
4.2 (33)
Lake Weatherford - TX 32.78748 -97.68813
4.2 (29)
Amacoy Lake - WI 45.39823 -91.314
4.3 (22)
Blue Cypress Lake - FL 27.7299 -80.75195
4.4 (17)
Blackfoot Reservoir - ID 43.01248 -111.70476
4.5 (12)
Mayo Reservoir - NC 36.49499 -78.87464
4.3 (17)
Lake Buffum - FL 27.79679 -81.66247
4.4 (12)
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Species State Weight Length Lake Angler
Crappie White MS 5 lbs. 3 oz. Enid Reservoir Fred Bright
Crappie White SC 5 lbs. 1 oz. Lake Murray Mrs. H.P. Owens
Crappie White TN 5 lbs. 0 oz. Garner Brown's Pond Bill Allen
Crappie Black MN 5 lbs. 0 oz. Vermillion River
Crappie White GA 5 lbs. 0 oz. private pond˙ Theresa Kemp
Crappie Black MO 5 lbs. 0 oz. Farm Pond John Horstman mo
Crappie Black SC 5 lbs. 0 oz. Lake Moultrie P.E. Foust
crappie NC 4 lbs. 15 oz. Asheboro City Lake # Dean Dixon
Crappie White OK 4 lbs. 15 oz. 19 in. Kingfisher Co.Pond Frank Robinson
Crappie White NC 4 lbs. 15 oz. Asheboro City Lake Dean Dixon
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