Food Source

Channel catfish will generally take dead bait, unlike flatheads, which prefer live bait. There are endless combination of catfish bait out there, and every catfish angler has their favorite. Try fishing frogs, clam meat animal entrails, liver, soap chunks, doughballs, limburger cheese, live and dead fish, night crawlers, hot dog slices and the list goes on.

Growth Patterns

Channel Cats can live up to 40 years, but grow slowly compared to flatheads and blues. It can take between 8 and 15 years for channel cats to reach 5 lbs.



Catfish Habitat

Early Spring thru Spawn

  • Flats adjacent to shallow creek arms.
  • Brushy creek arms with mud banks.
  • Wooded humps or fallen timber with mud bottom and banks.

Summer and Fall

  • Wooded Main lake points adjacent to creeks.
  • Flooded shallow flats adjacent to river channel.
  • River channel.
  • Timbered flats with deep water access.
  • Deep main lake holes.
  • Deep structure near dam.

Late Fall and Winter

  • Deep holes.
  • deep channels
Key Water Temperatures

After the spawn, Catfish are generally the most active when the water temperature is above 70deg and are very active feeders up to 85deg. In early spring and late fall when the water tempeartures are below 65 catfish are generally not very active, however they are still feeding. If you have a power plant close with cats in the cooling lake, the outlet during the winter will really concentrate the large fish.

If you want to catch good size ones dont\'t fish near the boat. Let it out a lot and drift and if you cant drift trollin motor works every time for me caught a 13lb the other day near the dam.Also one of the best baits too use is chickenliver.In the summer of last year our dad caught a 36 pound cat on the dock.

Lake Latitude Longitude Community Rating (Votes)
Lake Loramie - OH 40.374237 -84.323999
Pardee Reservoir - CA 38.262284 -120.846160
Arkabutla Lake - MS 34.763016 -90.054244
Henry Hagg Lake - OR 45.487102 -123.224219
Chickamauga Lake - TN 35.365928 -84.984566
Badin Lake - NC 35.459888 -80.111725
Lake Lemon - IN 39.260197 -86.390535
Whetstone Lake - MD 39.165356 -77.202054
Milford Lake - KS 39.161522 -96.942383
Lake Fork - TX 32.882421 -95.623626
Grand Lake-St Marys - OH 40.522140 -84.498596
White Rock Lake - TX 32.836727 -96.721176
Pymatuning Reservoir - PA 41.498907 -80.462982
Buggs Island Lake - NC 36.464277 -78.459405
Lake Arthur - PA 40.954407 -80.080998
Lake Wylie - NC 35.143937 -81.046829
Lake Tuscaloosa - AL 33.344376 -87.557406
Sister Lakes - MI 43.188771 -83.466475
Ochoco Reservoir - OR 44.304228 -120.694561
Black Butte Lake - CA 39.780403 -122.378805
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Species State Weight Length Lake Angler
Catfish Flathead ks 123 lbs. 0 oz. 61 in. Elk City Reservoir Ken Paulie, Caney
Catfish Blue tx 121 lbs. 8 oz. 58 in. Texoma Cody Mullenix
Catfish Blue ar 116 lbs. 12 oz. Mississippi River Charles Ashley, Jr., Mar
Catfish Blue tn 112 lbs. 0 oz. Cumberland River Larry Kaylor
Catfish Blue al 111 lbs. 0 oz. Wheeler˙ Reservoir Wm. P. McKinley, Elkmont
Catfish Blue la 110 lbs. 3 oz. Mississippi River Keith Day, SR
Catfish Blue in 104 lbs. 0 oz. Ohio River Bruce Midkiff
Catfish Blue ky 104 lbs. 0 oz. Ohio River, Bruce W. Midkiff
Catfish Blue mo 103 lbs. 0 oz. Binder Lake Ron Miller
Catfish Blue ia 101 lbs. 0 oz. 53 in. Missouri River Mike Rush
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